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Sticky passed away on Friday September 6th.  He'd turned sixteen on August 25... he had   been fairly stable and we were continuing
with his medication, but he seemed to take a turn for worse on Thursday September 5th. As mentioned, the coughing from early 2019
had continued to some degree and he'd been a bit confused at times, but he was still good and he had daily bursts of energy.
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Small graphic: Sticky notes
Sticky Notes
At left is a poster we were working on in late September of last year.  That design has now become the
big guy's memorial poster. Copies are in now and while they are beautiful, the memorial cards came out a
bit dark so we are probably going to try and lighten them a bit... see Sticky's
store page for a look at what the cards are like... they can be plain inside or they may carry an inscription, and they come in different
sizes. The main, very small, inscription reads as so — and yes,
we can do custom inscriptions!
As mentioned on the main page, we found out that Yahoo has closed the guestbook feature. We've archived some pages - you can sort of
see a bit of what's going on, on the "
guestbook-closed" page.
In the summer 2017 we tried out Google Cardboard... we were late coming to this but in case you're not familiar with the category, it was a
sort of Google demonstration project where people could put their smartphone into a
special holder (vaguely similar to View-Master or
perhaps it is like a halfway point between the View-Master and the newer VR headsets.) Most people probaby bought a commercial version
of the Cardboard viewer but it was possible to make your own (literally of
cardboard!) if necessary. After you downloaded special pictures
and programs to your phone, you would look at your phone's screen up close through two lenses... this setup let you play games and see
various special content as stereographic imagery.
Lots of people jumped on the "Cardboard" bandwagon, with the result that there are quite a few useless titles in the Play Store; still the "old mine" or "explore the
subterranean caverns" ones were generally pretty good, and some of the "Moon" and "Mars" and other "outer space" stuff was out of this world.  Animated birds and
fish were interesting as well.  Generally speaking however, the category appeared to be rather poorly documented.

The U.S. Postal Services used "Cardboard"-like themes in their advertising as recently as summer 2019.  In mid-October we found one of the old "Unity 360" virtual
reality headsets.  For all intents and purposes it was essentially a "Cardboard" made of styrene plastic with nice padding and straps.
So as of midnight on that Thursday we did not think he was going to make it, and we made an appointment for him to go to the Don Mills Animal Hospital for the morning.  We went, we took him, and it turned out to be a one-way trip for the Sticker.  We are sorry to have to pass on this sad news.
Sticky turned 15 on August 25, 2018. He took ill in February of this year (2019)... he was better in May
and early June - the warmer weather did him a lot of good, but he still had trouble breathing. By the last
week of June he was much better - way fewer breathing episodes.  So he had two more good months.
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For obvious reasons we did not attend Woofstock this year; likewise we stayed away from the parade
in downtown Toronto for the Raptors' NBA Championship finish.  
Click here to see Woofstock pictures from 2015.  Last updated on Tuesday October 15.
This page contains information about what happened to Sticky.  Some people may find it upsetting, so we are working on moving some
of these words to a separate section. Rest assured that Sticky was looked after and there was no pain or discomfort. Directly we saw that
he was having difficulty breathing, we took him to the hospital, where the staff attended to him right away.
Another company and 3-D viewers that we looked at was Kula 3D in Iceland -