This is Sticky's "bull rider" hat. Sticky took some time off from the rodeo circuit on the recommendation of the veterenarian at the "Wild Coyote Ranch" where he was staying. He was out and about now since the accident involving the rodeo boss's cigars, and he's on his horse, riding slowly and checking the lower valley area.

His mother got these neat cowboy hats at "Woofstock"... apparently in New York City this sort of thing is not considered to be a cowboy hat at all. Note the elastic band, which is supposed to help keep the hat on during the bull riding event.

When the time came to get on the bull in the starting gate, Sticky balked (and perhaps wisely) refused to get on. That's Jack, his stunt double being thrown off the bull's back... at the time Jack was a three-year-old terrier.

Sticky passed away on Friday September 6, 2019. He was sixteen years old. We're still having fun looking at his web pictures.

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