Sticky's Web Page
Heh heh... Ghosts of Mars?!

Artist's concept rendering of what Sticky's landing site might look like on Mars in the year 2030.

This is a work-in-progress and you can see where Sticky is slowly fading in.  Done with a variety of paint programs. The main background image
is from a photo of the Martian landscape taken by the "Spirit" rover in 2006.

In another image Sticky was being
fitted out with his helmet and space suit, out behind the building here at stickydoggy dot com  Ha ha!
And don't miss Sticky's
astronaut picture... if you have any other ideas for silly "Sticky" pictures, send us a note care of "sharon" at "sticky doggy
dot com".
basking in the autumn sun, Nov. 1st
- Civil War-era tintype
coffee & doughnuts
Sticky's unsorted PHOTOS & VIDEO CLIPS
Sticky says please E-mail me to say "Hello" or let me know how you like my site!  Or perhaps you want to
suggest some captions for Sticky's pictures!  Woof!!

Write to Sticky c/o "sharon at sticky doggy dot com"
(Just a basic listing - no "frills" here)
Privacy Policy
coming soon
Roman baths
main page
Little devil
Mountain Man
tree giraffe
"Admiral Sticky"
waiting outside the men's room
Rock Star
Route "Sixty Sticks"
circus boy
French stick
Lion thing
Sticky in the woods
Mississippi showboat
Call of the wild
Sticky in the grass
Large portrait of Sticky
action shot!
Tobacco road - Sticky's mug shot
Little Mosque On The Prairie
Mud paw
Jaguar XKE sports car
skydiving pizza tower
Niagara Falls
mid-August picture
Sticky postage stamp
General Sticker
Bigfoot and Bunnyfoot
Space Dog!
Paul Bunyan
Sticky the hillbilly
mid-August picture, 2011
summer 2010
Last day of summer, 2011
getting shaggy, Oct. 2011
picture, Feb. 14
Sticky Hood
My Sticky
"Pretty Boy" Sticker - the infamous gangster
winter 2012
Super Sticky!
"Sweet Daddy Sticky"
and Peter Lawford
St. Moritz
beer commercial
vintage pilot
Hollywood glamour shot 1950's
new haircut
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Sticky doesn't really have a privacy policy per se; like most small dogs he'll do his business just about
anywhere and then it's up to his owners to "clean it up".  However just because Sticky is a happy go lucky
little guy doesn't mean that
Yahoo Inc. -- the providers of this web space -- and Microsoft Corp. and other
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"Arctic Air"
Sticky on Monday aft.
lingerie display
"War of 1812"