The big guy wears his touring jacket as he poses beside his custom, "Sticky Toffee" limited edition Jaguar XKE sports car a couple of years ago. See also the page about the Yorkville Exotic Car Show.
Sticky Snazzy buttons, cards and T-shirts of Sticky driving his vintage roadster on "Route Sixty-Sticks" on Sticky's store page on Circa 2015 the buttons and cards were about $5.00 US + shipping (about $5-7). The shirts started at about $25, plus shipping.
Cafepress features fast shipping and a 30-day guarantee. There's no obligation to purchase anything when you are just browsing, and they have an amazing range of products - for instance they had playing cards with Sticky on them in the past, featuring him chewing on a cigar!
And how about "Sticky" beach blankets!!

Sticky Example of the product range: here's the big guy's summer 2014 racing clock. Click here to go directly to Cafepress to order the clock. About $42.00 + shipping; Cafepress accepts Visa, Mastercard, Paypal etc.

Last one around the track (or pool) is a rotten egg! Anyway it's time for us to have our snack, right? Anytime is snack time, when you're with The Sticker, ha ha ha.

More STICKY Pictures:

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