StickyAt left, Sticky's longtime "leading lady" was Lara the Lhasa Apso. Here Lara is looking perfectly royal on satin sheets... thanks to Aunt Roze for passing along this picture.
Above, Sticky was eager to have a word with Solomon the cat in 2011.

One of Sticky's friends circa 2014 was "Coco" the chow chow. Here's a video clip -

For information on the breed see

Sticky was also buddies with... Petunia the Dacshund (circa 2018) and Sophie the terrier and Toby and Darwin the Maltese terriers...
Iggy Joey (the fashionista Italian Greyhound!) liked one of his tweets a couple of years ago... we're not sure if she's still posting. If you want to be included on Sticky's "friends" page, send a picture and descriptive text to "roman" at "stickydoggy dot com".

In 2018, Sharon was just ga-ga about Blaze the funny Yorkie on Youtube. Blaze was owned by a retired nurse in Lousiana who blogged daily on Facebook in first-person dog. Hysterical.

More STICKY Pictures:

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