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Sticky in a famous painting,
Long tongued
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summer 2010
getting shaggy, Oct. 2011
& Peter Lawford
shopping for a new bed
Sticky's Castle - Scottish getaway
deep sea diver
-er, dog - Sticky rides his motorcycle
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Stick-tanic in 3D
Rat patrol
Sticky leaks
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Sir Stick-a-lot
Mask of Zorro
, 2012
The Time Tunnel
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Tobacco road - Sticky's mug shot
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Saintly Sticky (in church)
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Bound for glory
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Gun fight at "S.T." corral
13th birthday Aug. 25, 2016
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Sticky's island
Stickyland fantasy theme park
, autumn 2014
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Sticky's sister
Privacy Policy
coming soon ... the new "Sticky Forum" has a privacy statement
Google's little dog
cartoon was very good (summer 2013)
Sticky's red boots
Tonight Show with Sticky Toffee
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trees down in a
, May 2018
The bunny rabbit
, 2015
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"Sticky" greeting cards
out back, summer 2016
Some links we used to check from time to time included the EPIC. and Privacy International web pages, and the "Computers, Freedom and Privacy"
series of conferences.
For the longest time Sticky didn't have a privacy policy per se and we did not keep detailed records of who accessed these
pages. When the interactive "Sticky Forum" started in 2019 there was a policy of sorts because the phpBB software comes
with one.  Regardless, Yahoo and Microsoft, Facebook Corp., Apple and other entities which you may encounter
will probably
keep tracking you
with cookies and "user profiles" and advanced database tools.  Just as an example these pages are hosted at
Yahoo (now part of Verizon Corp.'s "Oath") and their service policy is pretty weird: they want to track everything and their
A.I. scans all the e-mail on their servers. And what happens when the company goes down or it gets sold, and you didn't read
the fine print... what are your rights then???
 Before posting personal information on international networks, you may want to
ask your parents, teachers or friends who work in IT for advice and guidance.  This stuff is never really "free".
See also "When a Company Is Put Up for Sale, in Many Cases, Your Personal Data Is, Too" in the June 29, 2015 edition of
New York Times, p.B1 ... a simple text-only transcript of this article is here.
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Sticky Wiki
In recognition of his amazing ability to chase fire trucks, Sticky was made an "honorary Dalmatian" at the local fire hall here in Toronto, Canada.
Sticky on Canada Day